I built REACH as a means of forging a new path where a reliable system can be utilized to not only save time, reduce medical costs, and quickly solve neck and back problems, but to make a meaningful impact on the way musculoskeletal care is thought about in our country’s medical system.

I want our communities to get the best care possible without unnecessary treatments and out-of- pocket costs. I want everyone to have access to honest and cutting-edge information that slices through the confusion.

I don’t want anyone to lose hope that they’ll never get answers and achieve a solution.

Ultimately, our mission is to be a refreshing and effective alternative in musculoskeletal pain management that everyone can benefit from.

Does this story resonate with you? If so, we’d love to meet you and determine whether we would be a good fit for you to achieve a solution the problems that have been robbing you of your active lifestyle.

Hello, my name is Dr. RJ Burr, founder of REACH Rehab + Chiropractic Performance Center, and I’d like to share a little story with you.

I originally got into this line of work because I had a passion to help people whose lives have been significantly altered by back and neck pain get back to doing what they love most.

But through school, my internships, and the first few years of my practice, I noticed a pattern of ineffective, outdated treatments that left patients frustrated with the system. It was then that I developed my new passion: treating people the right way.

I completely empathized with these patients’ negative experiences, and the more I heard, the more I got fed up.

I got fed up with learning about patients hopping around from professional-to-professional, offering opinion after opinion with no long-term solution to their problem.

I got fed up with the drugs and surgery route for what could have otherwise been resolved with conservative treatments.

I got fed up with hearing patients say they have “arthritis” or “degeneration” like it’s a death sentence, when evidence shows it’s a normal part of the aging process and likely has nothing to do with the pain they’re experiencing.

I got fed up with hearing previous recommendations of three visits a week, every month for simple back, neck, muscle and joint pain, with no end game in sight.

So, I knew there had to be a better way.

This is when I came across the McKenzie Method – a proven, reliable assessment system that guides clinicians to the correct treatment for the appropriate problem.

At REACH, we don’t “fix” patients; we find the right solutions for them. We utilize the McKenzie Method to identify, understand and correct your problem, then address why it’s occurring in the first place so you can get back to living a healthy, active lifestyle. No unnecessary treatments, no magic therapies, no misleading recommendations and, of course, no pressure.

Our philosophy is simple: The right answer is all that matters. Whether we’re treating you or referring you to a professional outside our office, all that matters is that you get the solution that’s right for you.

RJ Burr, DC, Cert. MDT, CSCS — Plymouth, MI Chiropractor

Ahh, where to begin.

No, seriously, where do I begin?

I’m RJ Burr, a chiropractor here in Plymouth, and I’ve never been much of a wordsmith, so I’ve always found writing these bios to be a little tricky. But hey, if I were a wiz at writing biographies, I probably wouldn’t have been able to focus on my true passion in life: helping people get back to doing what they love and performing better.

I grew up playing sports my whole life. I know what it feels like to score a game-winning goal and accomplish something you worked hard for. Consequently, I know what it feels like when an injury takes that away.

Medically speaking – and this is a technical term – it stinks.

We all deserve to live life grand and being active is one of the significant components. As a result, I made it my mission to learn what it takes to stay healthy and active, and share my knowledge and experience to help others.

I discovered early on that truly solving problems wasn’t something I could do alone. As a matter of fact, we have to work together. I utilize a movement assessment — The McKenzie Method — for gathering relevant information to understand your problem and how it behaves. Ultimately, I offer the strategies that will empower you to take responsibility for your recovery, which will get you back on your way to pain-free living. Furthermore, I coach you how to perform at your sport or activity better than you did before.

So, that’s my philosophy. And I had to study a great deal to get to practice it. I graduated from Central Michigan University before I pursued my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS). I’ve accrued more than 700 hours of post-graduate work with an emphasis on manual therapy, rehabilitation, biomechanics, nutrition and movement restoration. I’ve earned certifications in Active Release Techniques (ART) and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) medical track, and can sit for the American Chiropractic Rehab Board Diplomate (DACRB) and Certification in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (McKenzie Method). I also continually treat recreational and professional athletes at races, tournaments, and other competitions.

As the founder of REACH Rehab + Chiropractic Performance Center, I work according to my belief that for you to have a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, you must be responsible for your health by eating well, moving well, and moving often.

Outside of the center, I practice what I preach. I’m totally into sports and experimenting with a myriad of exercises and movements. I’m also a bit of a foodie and have a passion for whipping up all sorts of concoctions. Most of all, I’m a sap that loves spending time with family!

I’m a native of West Bloomfield, MI, but planted roots Plymouth with my wife, Liz, and our human alarm clocks, Charlie and Bennett.

Do you have questions regarding your physical frustrations? Schedule a courtesy call — I’d love to help!

David Swain, DC, Cert. MDT — Plymouth, MI chiropractor
Hey there! I’m Dr. David Swain a chiropractor and native Michigander, born and raised in Metro Detroit.

I attended Western Michigan University for undergraduate training earning a B.Sc in Interdisciplinary Health Services. Furthermore, I went on to earn my Doctorate in Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Chicago, IL.

While attending NUHS, I was a graduate teaching assistant in the Anatomy and Physiology Department under the supervision of Dr. Khan, MD. In addition, I’ve earned over 250 hours of advanced coursework in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie Method), Pain Mechanism Classification Systems, which was founded at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and coursework in manipulation and manual therapy from the Motion Palpation Institute.

I have a passion for helping people, providing solutions to their frustrations — it’s what got me into Chiropractic. Additionally, I utilize a reliable evidence-based mechanical assessment, the McKenzie Method (MDT). Because pain and disability can be difficult to handle and at times frustrating, MDT is aimed to help you understand and solve your problems.

Nobody should have to suffer and experience disability on his or her own. It is my goal to find you a solution without unnecessary treatments, and not just a quick fix. In doing so you will gain a better understanding of your condition(s) and how to manage it on your own without relying on someone attempting to heal or fix you — this is where the magic happens. We aren’t saving lives but we are saving lifestyles.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my fiancée Whitney, friends, and family, as well as fishing, golf, hockey, and outdoor activities.

Do you have questions regarding your physical frustrations? Schedule a courtesy call — I’d love to help!