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At REACH Rehab + Chiropractic we know many people suffer from injuries that do more than hurt, they rob them of their ability to do things.

When somebody understands what their problem is, how it occurred, and why it hurts in the first place, they can take control of their pain and recovery. 

Our Plymouth, MI chiropractor serving Canton, Livonia, Northville, Novi, Farmington, Ann Arbor, Westland, and the surrounding communities knows the fastest path to your recovery, and with our guidance at REACH Rehab, you’ll get your lifestyle back and perform better than ever.

Do more than relieve pain, be unstoppable.

Better than Ever

A Custom Recovery Program Design Around YOU

Suffering from muscle, joint, or nerve pain? We can help!

Are you missing out on life?

Looking for more than a quick fix?

Have previous treatments failed? 

Is your daily routine painful or limited?

Are opioids and surgery out of the question?

 Do you want your life back?

Chiropractic Treatment

Hands-on, holistic, and customized approach to relieving muscle, joint, and nerve pain.

Massage Therapy

Goal-oriented bodywork for sustainable changes in pain, posture, and flexibility.

holistic rehab chiropractor

Holistic Chiro + Rehab

Full spectrum chiropractic treatments focused around you.

rolfing and massage

Rolfing® + Massage

Structural Integration - addressing the root cause of your pain.

posure and movement

Posture + Movement

Complex pain relief guidance and assessment.

performance assessments

Performance Assessments

Long term correction plan for optimum performance.

custom chiropractic treatments

Customized Treatments

Recovery plan and treatments with your goals in mind.

REACH Chiropractic Plymouth,MI

The REACH Difference

Empower every individual to live healthier, independent lives.

Not like any other chiropractor, he actually takes the time to discover the real issues and offer solutions like movement and stretching that actually work! Loved that I didn’t get sold some endless treatment plan of adjustments 8 days a week. Highly recommend this place!

– Kate S.

I am a serious athlete whose lower back “blew-out” on me last year (my words, not his.) He helped me with the immediate issue of pain and soon helped me to add core-strengthening techniques to my weekly routines. No new blow-outs since then and I’m feeling as strong as ever.

– Steve D.

I had history with other Chiropractors but wanted something more than just a quick crack and a “see ya next week”. Each visit was so thorough and I always left with a better sense of what could be going on with my body and what I could do to help it. His course of treatment has been so effective for me and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

– Marnie R.
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