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Musculoskeletal pain can impact every aspect of your life. Everything from getting out of bed in the morning to performing basic daily tasks may prove daunting to someone suffering from spinal misalignment, joint pain, or sports injuries. Finding the right chiropractor in Plymouth, MI can mean the difference between living life to the fullest or limping through it.

At REACH Rehab + Chiropractic, we employ an integrated, holistic approach to chiropractic medicine and rehabilitation. Our friendly staff will identify the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. We’ll discuss your available options and work with you to devise a rehabilitation and chiropractic treatment plan. 

For residents of Plymouth, MI, and the surrounding areas, we offer a comprehensive suite of chiropractic, rehabilitation, and therapeutic services. Some of the most popular services we provide include:

Chiropractor in Plymouth, MI

Get an assessment and individualized plan of action from the best chiropractor in Plymouth, MI, at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic Performance Center!  We have empathy for individuals suffering from altered body mechanics and the pain that it brings. We understand muscle imbalances and joint immobilizations and how they occur. And we know how to guide you toward a sustainable resolution.

At REACH Rehab + Chiropractic, we work with patients from all walks of life. While most people think patients seek help due to back pain, sports, and work-related injuries, we treat a variety of conditions many do not know we treat. We see a lot of clients that require chiropractic care and holistic services due to:

  • Sports injuries
  • Athletic performance deficits
  • Work-related injuries
  • Radiculopathy
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Headaches
  • Foot orthopedic issues
  • Arthritis related pain
  • TMJ (jaw pain)

We employ a variety of evidence-based chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic and a wide range of related services. We treat patients with neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as those with sciatica. A lot of our patients come to us with exercise, weightlifting, tennis, and golf-related injuries. Some of the most common chiropractic services we provide include:

  • Chiropractic treatment
  • McKenzie Therapy 
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
  • Therapeutic exercise and stretching
  • Soft tissue manual therapy
  • Active Release Techniques
  • Dry needling
  • Neuromuscular cupping Therapy


Neck Pain | Chiropractic Services

Understand the Problem

Learn the source and what intensifies the pain

Shoulder Pain | Chiropractic Services

Take Action

You can heal – we’ll guide you through the process


Get Your Lifestyle Back

Break the pain cycle for good

Dr. RJ Burr | Chiropractic Physician & Founder

Countless patients seeking a chiropractic adjustment in Plymouth, MI, have contacted Dr. RJ Burr at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic because of his stellar reputation as an experienced, compassionate practitioner. And what his patients learn is he offers more than adjustments: a plan to get better and how to take care of yourself to keep it better. As an athlete and former back and neck pain sufferer himself, Dr. Burr understands the frustration clients experience. By placing himself in each patient’s shoes, Dr. Burr proves adept at diagnosing and resolving complex conditions.

For Dr. Burr, treatment does not end inside his chiropractic and rehabilitation center. His main focus involves empowering his patients so they take responsibility for their recovery. The best chiropractic care in the world won’t resolve recurrent issues resulting from poor lifestyle choices and behaviors. Patients who demonstrate a willingness to alter their habits after visiting a chiropractor in Plymouth, MI experience long-term, sustainable results to enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.

Massage Therapy in Plymouth, MI

Resolve your aches and pains with professional massage therapy in Plymouth, MI! Most of us know how good a massage can feel. However, certain massages can sometimes do more harm than good. An individualized, therapeutic massage addressing the source of your issues takes years of experience and specialized training. Our in-house massage therapist, Kristin Szlinis, utilizes various massage, bodywork, and manual therapy techniques to deliver customized treatment based on each patient’s specific issues.

Some of the methods most commonly used are:

  • Rolfing Structural Integration
  • Bodywork
  • Myofascial release
  • Sports massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Prenatal massage
  • Intra-oral massage
  • Post-traumatic brain injury manual therapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Swedish massage

Chiropractor Serving Plymouth, MI | REACH Rehab + Chiropractic

At REACH Rehab + Chiropractic, we stretch your muscles, not your budget! Intending to serve clients searching for a Michigan holistic chiropractor near me, our friendly staff remains flexible regarding payment options. We believe that financial difficulties should not stop someone in pain from receiving the healing treatment they need.

Don’t spend another day in pain. Our healthcare professionals at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic can’t wait to set you straight and give you the relief you need so you can “reach” your goals! Contact us a call at (734) 530-9134 or schedule your appointment online.