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I often have difficulty finding other professionals outside of my scope of practice that I can relate to and connect with. The main reason is because I expect them to have a strong desire to help their patients and demonstrate that by continuously pursuing excellence with their knowledge and ability to apply said knowledge AND possessing the ability to effectively connect with their patients and get a thorough understanding of the needs, limitations, and abilities. It’s tough to find both. Dr. Burr excels in both of these areas and I’m honored to call him a trusted colleague and friend. If you’re looking for a chiro who is well-rounded with their knowledge of the human body and movement and how to apply effective interventions that aren’t just limited to spinal manipulations AND will go the extra mile to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your treatments, then I highly recommend going into REACH and visiting Dr Burr.

-Mike Coval, Owner of Coval Fitness, Ann Arbor

“I was so happy to find Dr. Burr and his team at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic Performance Center. As the owner of a local fitness facility, it was refreshing to find a chiropractor who uses science based evidence to diagnose and treat injuries. The team at REACH treat the root cause of the injury rather than simply treating the symptoms. I have been very pleased with the results I have seen personally and have since referred some of my staff, clients, and personal friends. I have yet to hear one negative comment about REACH and it is nice to be able to refer with confidence. Keep up the good work!”

– Devin Tarrant, Owner of Applied Fitness Solutions, Plymouth

“…shoulder pain for 10 years. I’ve had MRI’s, Scans, X-Rays, PT, everything. At someone’s suggestion I saw Dr. Burr. I rolled my eyes at the suggestion of seeing a chiro but I went anyway. On the first visit Dr. Burr diagnosed by shoulder pain as coming from my neck and back. We’ve worked on it since then with exercises and stretching. My pain when working out has gone WAY down to almost non existent.”

-Marla K.

“I have had chronic pain for over 15 years, so I’ve been to many practitioners – MDs, chiropractors, PTs, an atlas orthogonist. I’ve had Xrays, MRIs, epidurals, facet injections, and a rhizotomy. RJ Burr is different…in a good way😊. I was surprised, no, amazed, that in only a few visits I was actually finally feeling better! His techniques are gentle, and perhaps best of all he teaches you to “heal yourself”. Now, if I have an occasional flare-up, I can relieve it myself. So glad my doc referred me to Reach. Highly recommend!”

– Julie B.

“…I compete in Powerlifting on a National level and have been working with Dr. RJ for the past year and a half. During this time I have had multiple issues related to lifting including, lower back pain / dislocation, elbow and shoulder pain, as well as issues with constant headaches. RJ was able to significantly improve / alleviate all of these issues. He has a background in lifting and understands mechanics well…”

-Kim C.

“…my chiropractor at the time referred me to Dr. Burr as a final attempt before deciding on surgery. Within weeks, Dr. Burr had me on my feet again. It was incredible – I had been bound to the couch for months. What I enjoy the most about Dr. Burr’s method is that he doesn’t do the work for you.”

-Kathryn K.

“…just to re-learn how to breathe properly during my workouts and that has made a tremendous difference in the recovery process after workouts. His knowledge of the human body amazes me, as he knows right where to go for the fix. What I love about him, is it’s not a quick fix, it takes time and effort on my part to keep my body healthy as well. I leave his sessions with knowledge on exercises I can work as a warm up session before every workout.”

-Marnie C.

“Dr. Burr not only helped me to become pain and migraine free, he is also helping me to become a better athlete. A newbie to fitness in my 30s, I was always getting pain in my back and knee. I saw several doctors but they were always quick fixes- no one was fixing the underlying reasons why. With Dr. Burr’s help my back squat is spot on, I am getting stronger, and performing pain and migraine free.”

-Tracy S.

“I am a firefighter with neck pain from an injury sustained at work over a year ago. I have seen multiple chiropractors and physical therapists with no relief. Dr. Burr has just about eliminated the constant pain I was experiencing in approximately 6-7 appointments. I can not recommend him enough, regardless what your profession is.”

– Adam K.

“Thanks to RJ, I was able to stay loose and pain-free during my 2015 PGA Championship and 2016 Senior PGA Championship weeks. He has helped me take stress off my back by targeting my hip mobility inefficiencies. I have specific exercises I do to improve and maintain the rotation of my hips in the golf swing.”

– Brian C.

“Not like any other chiropractor, he actually takes the time to discover the real issues and offer solutions like movement and stretching that actually work! Loved that I didn’t get sold some endless treatment plan of adjustments 8 days a week. Highly recommend this place!”

– Kate S.

“I am a serious athlete whose lower back “blew-out” on me last year (my words, not his.) He helped me with the immediate issue of pain and soon helped me to add core-strengthening techniques to my weekly routines. No new blow-outs since then and I’m feeling as strong as ever.”

– Steve D.

“I had history with other Chiropractors but wanted something more than just a quick crack and a “see ya next week”. Each visit was so thorough and I always left with a better sense of what could be going on with my body and what I could do to help it. His course of treatment has been so effective for me and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

– Marnie R.

“…I was in constant pain and had difficulty sleeping at night. This went on for several months and progressively got worse. I can say that because of the great care I received from Dr. Burr, I am currently pain free. I have returned to being able to exercise and feel like I have got my life back in the right direction.”

– Janet S.

“Dr. Burr does an excellent job understanding your concerns and giving an assessment you can understand. He gives you exercises you can take home and do on your own and is always available for those questions or concerns that come up. He has truly helped a serious neck/back problem I had when no other doctors/physical therapists were able. The tools he gave me have helped me keep my back in check and allowed me to be active again! You would be foolish not to give him a try.”

– Audrey B.