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REACH Rehab Reviews

Read our REACH Rehab reviews to see how our passion is all about helping every individual live a healthier, independent, and pain-free life through non-surgical chiropractic services. We love hearing our clients talk about how they have been empowered to control their pain vs. letting it control them.

Check out our latest REACH Rehab reviews:

“We were referred to REACH Rehab/ Dr. Burr after months of doctors and rehab with no improvement of my daughter’s swimming shoulder injury. We are so thankful we found Dr. Burr. His thorough assessment and discovery of the true problem along with the simple at-home exercises helped her to recover after 4-5 visits. She is so happy to be back in the pool! She will continue to use the exercises she was taught and the knowledge she gain from Dr. Burr to keep her shoulder healthy. Thank you Dr. Burr/ REACH Rehab!!”

– Emily S.
“Dr. Burr is an excellent chiropractor who truly cares about his patients and wants them to heal completely. I’ve had a lot of problems with neck/shoulder/back pain from my job and Dr. Burr’s approach is not just quick adjustments. He has helped me get to the cause of my pain and realize how to make daily adjustments to prevent further injury and gave me exercises to do at home preventatively. Reach rehab gives you the tools to maintain your health long-term with visits as needed. Highly, highly recommend!”
-Becca M.
“I went to see Dr. Burr for minor neck/shoulder pain. He was very easy to talk to and he took his time explaining everything to me. The stretches he gave me to do at home as well as the work he did in his office helped tremendously. After 2 visits and doing my homework I was pain-free. Dr. Burr also sees my son for a more chronic problem in his back. After 2/3 visits my son has had no pain and has been able to participate in his activities without being uncomfortable. I highly recommend REACH!!!”
– Margaret

REACH Rehab Reviews

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