• Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!

    Happy Friday and belated St. Patrick's day! I hope everyone that borderline excessively celebrated SPD had a not-so-dreadful morning. It's my son, Charlie's first birthday today (that's him in his daycare project to the right) and like any birthday, he's going to get a cake. Now because we are a health conscious family with a Continue Reading
  • The Ski’s Knees

    I'm out on a bachelor party ski trip this weekend in Northern Michigan (yes, there is snow on the slopes), and as a movement/biomechanics nerd, I thought about what effective-skiing demands from the body and what injuries would result with insufficiency. Of course, there are freak accidents like fracturing your arm from catching a nasty Continue Reading
  • Eat This Not That

    I hope all of you CrossFit enthusiasts are enjoying The Open and found last Friday's finding valuable. If you're participating in Open workouts, make sure to check out my Mo-Stability WOD video for 16.2 movement prep. This week we'll hop back on the food and nutrition train, which always seems to be of interest to most people. I'm thinking Continue Reading
  • It’s That Time of Year

    For the Crossfitters out there, today is a big day -- The Open! You've been working hard all year, went Paleo (except for the weekends), and you're ready to absolutely crush your friends and family. Don't do Crossfit? Don't 'mark read' this email just yet. these are great tips for anyone motivated to continually improve Continue Reading
  • Butcher Box

    As I was sifting through all the crap email, spam, and the African king that will pay me six figures to help him wire some money, I came across one I actually got excited about -- an update from Chris Kresser. Who is this Kresser guy? Only my go-to dude for quality, evidence-based health and nutrition Continue Reading
  • Standing Desks

    Standing desks are all the rage now, and for good reason. The most common injury/complaint that I see walk into my office on a daily basis is the "flexion-intolerant low back," which sitting is often the main culprit. What does this mean? READ MORE Continue Reading