5/4/20 Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Plymouth, Michigan Update: We’re OPEN

We are open as of Monday, May 4th (May the Fourth be with you!). We’re taking all of the necessary precautions to keep you safe. We surveyed our patients and received wonderful feedback on what measures would make them comfortable.
  • We’ve added a 15-minute buffer to your appointment to allow time for disinfecting and prevent crossing paths with other patients.
  • All patients are required to wear a mask while in the office at all times.
  • We clean the door handles in between every patient visit.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are easily accessible on the front desk by the check-in kiosk.
  • The only individual you will come in contact with is Dr. Burr. You will not be near other patients.
  • For the time being, we will not be doing extensive rehab exercises in the rehab area. And the use of equipment will be at a minimum.
  • Following your treatment, your room will be cleaned and disinfected in compliance with CDC recommendations.
We ask if you are experiencing a fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath, or if you have traveled to a high-risk country or city, please to not schedule. Rather call your Primary Care Provider to schedule an evaluation.


3/24/20 Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan Update

It’s been a rough couple of weeks…But hey, at least it’s not snowing right now!

Considering both Governor’s “stay-at-home order” and our part in helping to “flatten the curve,” we have decided it’s best to close up shop. However, there are caveats, especially for emergencies.

Here’s the scoop:

Dr. Burr is available for emergency visits. What’s classified as an emergency? If you’re in enough pain where you would go to the emergency room if you had nowhere else to go.

Telehealth. Yes, it may seem odd for a chiropractor to do telehealth, but as all of Dr. Burr’s patients know 80% of the visits are about problem-solving, guidance, and self-help strategies —  20% is about treatment, e.g., adjustments, exercises, and therapies. Because telehealth is a new concept, Dr. Burr is offering half-off telehealth visits. Here are the telehealth guidelines:

  • No new patients are allowed via insurance billing (must go private pay)
  • Previous patients can utilize telehealth when suffering from a new problem, and utilize insurance
  • Telehealth private-pay rates are half-off Dr. Burr’s typical rate: $70 new patients (up to 1 hour), $35 existing patients (up to 30 minutes)
  • 100% HIPPA compliant video chat that’s integrated into our Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, which is the same hub for all appointments and reminders

Click here to schedule a telehealth appointment, or call/text 734.335.0212.

Kristin is still doing her 30-Min Consults but now as a phone call or “telehealth” video chat. In this consult, you can discuss:

  • Self-care tips and strategies to reduce pain and tension
  • Q&A regarding the therapies she offers and what a treatment plan would look like post-virus
  • Home exercise body mechanics evaluation and specific corrections to know you’re doing it right

Click here to schedule a 30-Min Consult, or call/text 734.335.0212.

Given we’re in the (small) business of helping people, this was a tough decision but we felt it was the right decision to make.

Just like many others, we’re struggling as we’re a very small business and cannot collect unemployment. I’ll save you the sob story as just about everyone is struggling and we’re all in this together. But we will get through it, and come out better than before!

Our promise: we will be here for you during this time and post-COVID in 2020 and beyond!


3/16/20 Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan Update

Governor Whitmer has issued an order to temporarily close all bars, restaurants, fitness centers, entertainment venues, etc. by 3 PM today, March 17, 2020. Basically, it includes any place where social congregations typically occur. Read the full article here.

In the article, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun said, “I realize these actions will present temporary changes to the way we live, but they are critical to help ensure our health care system is prepared to treat those who need the most urgent medical care.”

To reiterate, Our government has taken aggressive actions now to prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. This is not The Walking Dead, Bird Box, or I Am Legend coming true. Though it may have seemed like it at times over the past few days, this is not Armageddon!

We are not directly affected by this shutdown, so until further notice, we will continue to stay open to help our patients recover from their musculoskeletal ailments.

Our approach in the video above has not changed other than an extra bottle of disinfectant cleaner. We are taking every precaution and prescribed course of action necessary. If at any point anyone in our office, or who has been to our office over the last few weeks, tests positive for COVID-19 we will inform everyone necessary and shut our doors until further notice.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Start of Original Post

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the coronavirus or by its other name, COVID-19.

Walking Dead Rick Grimes Coronavirus COVID-19 Paper Towel Toilet Paper Hand Sanitizer

COVID-19 Coronavirus uncertainty makes us uneasy. It doesn’t help to act like it’s the zombie apocalypse!

Like many, you may have initially thought, “what the heck is a coronavirus, and why should I care?”

Now, if you goto your local grocery or warehouse store, you may think it’s the beginning of the zombie apocalypse a la The Walking Dead.

Maybe you’ve kept it light-hearted by having a pandemic & Mexican beer-themed party.

Maybe you’re taking it in stride by following recommendations like working at home and limiting contact with other individuals.

Maybe this thing has freaked you out to the point of liquidating a medical supply company!

There seem to be three general mentalities toward the pandemic:
1. Overreaction
2. Unsure
3. The world is ending

Regardless of the reactions, there’s still uncertainty, hence the reactions.

Should We Be Worried About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We’re not immunobiologists, epidemiologists, or infections disease specialists, but nonetheless health professionals. We’ve scoured some resources such as the New England Journal of Medicine for COVID-clarity. 

Lysol Disinfectant Coronavirus COVID-19

Lysol Disinfectant showing it kills Human Coronavirus in 30 seconds

The truth is the coronavirus is nothing new and is comparable to the common cold regarding symptoms. If you check an old Lysol can it shows it kills coronavirus. However, it’s essential to understand that “coronavirus” is a general term for a family of viruses. 

The concern is this strand (COVID-19) of coronavirus is different, and there’s still a lot of unknowns.

Because COVID-10 is more contagious than the seasonal flu, and it can harbor in our bodies without showing symptoms, the concern lies in it infecting the people most susceptible. The virus has the potential to spread quickly, overwhelming our hospital system with an abrupt spike in patients we can’t handle.

Here’s the thing: we can only control what we can control

Freaking out about the pandemic doesn’t help anything. Nor does someone telling you to stop freaking out. Have you ever told someone struggling to “just stop doing it”? Yeah, it doesn’t end well.

Instead, let’s talk about what we can control to protect ourselves while we ride this pandemic wave out.

Our behaviors.

Cleanliness. Mindset. Nutrition. Movement. Immunity. 

How to Fend Off the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Cleanliness: Do the Basics Better to Prevent Coronavirus

What if there were a zero-cost and straightforward way to reduce the spread of global diseases like coronavirus by 70 percent?

It turns out there is a way: proper handwashing

A recent study examined how people washed their hands in 10 of the world’s leading airports. 

Here are the highlights:

  • “…only about 20 percent of people in airports have clean hands — meaning that they have been washed with soap and water, for at least 15 seconds, within the last hour or so.”
  • “Seventy percent of the people who go to the toilet wash their hands afterwards”
  • “Improving handwashing at all of the world’s airports to triple that rate, so that 60 percent of travelers to have clean hands at any given time, would have the greatest impact, potentially slowing global disease spread by almost 70 percent”
  • “Focusing handwashing messaging in those 10 airports could potentially slow the disease spread by as much as 37 percent”

The bottom line is doing what everyone should be doing anyway: wash your hands the right way.

If you can’t wash your hands, hand sanitizer (if you can get your hands on it) is the next best option.

To take it a step further, here are a few more tips during this time of quarantine.

  • We’ll be spending lots of time at home, so pick up after yourself. A clean environment is better for your headspace, and workspaces get cluttered quickly, which makes it harder to disinfect surfaces.
  • Wash your fruits, vegetables, and canned goods. You have no idea who touched those products prior.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and handles once per day. We touch these things in our house so regularly that we don’t realize how dirty they can get.

Mindset: Mitigate Stress Regarding Coronavirus

Not only does stress weaken the immune system, but it also has an enormous impact on our general wellness.

The sudden change in our routine and the uncertainty of what’s going to happen is undoubtedly an anxiety trigger. The behavior at grocery stores is a prime example.

To reduce the stress of working from home, remember to:

  • Take frequent breaks. Look away from that screen, get up, walk around, and even do some gentle stretching.
  • Take walks and get some fresh air.
  • Make it a point to speak with your loved ones. Being cooped up at home can be lonely. Make an extra effort to connect with the outside world. 
  • Get a massage (yes, we’re open and taking appropriate measures).
  • Pet or cuddle your animal. Connection with animals diminish stress and even promote healing. 
  • Put a smile on your face, and try to keep things light-hearted. If you haven’t seen the Corona-memes, definitely check them out.

Lastly, make sure you’re getting enough sleep! You should be in bed for at least eight hours. Good sleep hygiene practices are critical for immune function.

Nutrition: Eat Well

In times of stress, healthy eating can be a struggle. If you’re not used to preparing healthy meals at home, this is a great time to force yourself to learn how.

Here are some nutrition tips during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Watch the sugar. We all shoulder know sugar is not good for you, but did you know that it impacts your immunity as well?
  • Clean your hands, food, and cutting surfaces before cooking (and after!).
  • Eat real meals. You’re at home, so take advantage of the opportunity. Save the takeout and frozen meals for later and make yourself nutrient-dense meals. 
  • Eating/cooking at home usually means needing more groceries than usual. Use grocery delivery options to limit your exposure to grocery stores and still get all the kale you can handle. 
  • Drinking may be a desirable option right now. Skip the Cerveza (see what we did there?), instead drink plenty of water! 

Movement: Stay Active

Get moving! Going from your desk to your kitchen table to the couch and back again is not exercise. If you don’t already make movement a priority, being stuck at home can dramatically impact how much exercise you’re getting. 

  • Take walks or bike rides around the neighborhood.
  • Our YouTube channel has plenty of exercise videos. Small frequent exercise breaks have many (if not more) health benefits than exercising for 60 straight minutes. 
  • Continue your regular exercise routine. Just remember to sanitize everything you touch at the gym before and after you use it. 
  • Skipping the gym and could use an efficient home workout? Try this one for size. Just remember, quality exercise over quantity!
  • Crank the tunes and take some dance, karaoke, and air-guitar breaks. This is a great way to burn some excess energy, get your body moving, and relieve stress — maybe just close the blinds first!

Immunity: Keep Your Guard Up to Protect Against Coronavirus

There are lots of ways to boost your immunity, including herbs and supplements, but let’s focus on the big things making the most significant impact.

Basic sanitation, stress management, sleep, physical activity, and nutrition.

Coincidence? I think not!

Stick to the recommendations above, and you’ve got 90% of it covered.

Here are some tips to take your immunity to the next level:

  • Immune-boosting foods
    • Garlic and ginger have antiviral and antimicrobial effects
    • Citrus fruits and red pepper for vitamin C
    • Fermented foods for gut health as we know a large percentage of our immune system exists in the gut
    • Turmeric is anti-inflammatory
  • Supplements
    • Vitamins A-E, & K
    • Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamin A & D
    • Elderberry Syrup when you feel initial symptoms of sickness
    • Zinc
  • Herbals/Botanicals
    • Cordyceps boosts immune function
    • Angelica Sinensis supports the antiviral immune response
    • Rhodiola improves immune function and protects lung cells
    • Astragalus boosts immunity
    • Echinacea to combat symptoms of infections

For more in-depth information, check out this Acute Viral Protocol and Immune Support Protocol from one of our trusted supplement suppliers.

Use these easy to implement strategies help to keep you both sane and healthy during this unusual time. 

What We’re Doing About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As a health entity, cleanliness and sanitation is a top priority. If you’ve been to our office, you know, we have a clean facility.

We are going above and beyond the necessary precautions to protect you and your family but without the anxiety. 

We know how important it is for you to continue your care during this trying time. If you are feeling sick, please communicate with us to reschedule your appointment. We’ve waived our 24-hours cancellation policy until this event has passed.

Look for updates on this blog post as soon as new information has been reported. Stay tuned and stay healthy!

Yours in health,

The REACH Team