Do you struggle with aches and pains after intense workouts? In particular, do your legs feel tight and sore after an intense cardio session, or an especially rigorous leg day? If so, you’ve got a new best friend — Normatec boots.

Normatec compression boots fit on your legs, using state-of-the-art air compression technology to improve circulation and muscle recovery. They’re a fast-acting, reliable way to recover after any physical activity, no matter how strenuous or intense. That’s why professional athletes in sports as varied as basketball, soccer, and even MMA rely on Normatec boots to recover faster and ready for their next game.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Plymouth, MI, who can set you up with your own pair of Normatec boots, REACH Rehab + Chiropractic has you covered! We use a variety of techniques to prevent leg injuries like torn muscles and ligaments, which is why we offer Normatec boots.

What Are Normatec Boots?

Normatec boots use dynamic air compression to apply massaging pressure to your legs. Normatec designs the boots to help athletes and casual users alike maintain their muscular health, treat swelling, increase blood circulation, and prevent future injuries. The newest Normatec design, Normatec 3, features seven compression levels that apply air pressure to five specific zones.

Normatec boots feature advanced customizability, connecting to Bluetooth devices to help users optimize their experience. You’ll love how easy putting your boots on is, and how light they feel on your legs. There’s a reason Normatec stands far above the competition when it comes to innovative health solutions.

REACH Rehab + Chiropractic offers Normatec 3 boots for our patients to help with common issues like inflammation, muscular damage, and poor circulation. These innovative devices can address these symptoms to help you recover faster, no matter your age or activity level.

How Do Athletes Use Normatec Boots for Recovery?

Professional athletes use Normatec boots to improve their performance. Usually, they use them before or after a workout or game to warm their muscles up, recover after strenuous exercise, or avoid injuries. Some athletes combine their Normatec routines with regular stretches and other warm-up exercises, as both practices loosen muscles and prepare them for vigorous activity.

One of the main ways athletes use Normatec technology is to relieve pain and soreness following injuries. Unfortunately, regular athletic performance has many risks, and it’s all too common for athletes to experience leg injuries like torn muscles and stretched ligaments.

Using dynamic air compression, Normatec boots increase blood flow moving within damaged muscles, oxygenating them, relieving tension, and promoting new muscle growth. When combined with physical therapy, massage therapy, or chiropractic care, Normatec boots help reduce recovery time.

What Are the Benefits of Normatec Therapy?

Normatec therapy can be for anyone. If you could benefit from a better range of motion, or if you’d like to reduce swelling and bruises on your legs, then you can definitely benefit from using Normatec’s dynamic air compression boots. In addition, you’ll improve your body’s blood flow, giving extra levels of oxygen to your legs, which helps you recover from strains and damage.

If you’re pregnant and experiencing abnormal fluid buildup in your legs, Normatec boots can help relieve pain, dispersing fluid to reduce swelling and tension. If your job requires manual labor or standing on your feet for extended periods of time, you can use Normatec to help reduce muscle soreness.

When recovering from leg injuries, like sprains, contusions, or tears, Normatec boots can assist in your recovery by increasing blood flow and rejuvenating your muscles.

Where to Get Normatec Therapy in Plymouth, MI

Now that you’ve learned about the many benefits of Normatec therapy, you might be wondering where you can start the process. If that’s the case, you should only trust the best chiropractic services for Normatec therapy. REACH Rehab + Chiropractic partners with Normatec directly, so you can be confident with your therapy.

When you need a chiropractor in Plymouth, MI, who offers Normatec therapy, contact our experts at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic. We proudly offer Normatec boots to help improve your recovery, health, and well-being. Contact us at (734) 530-9134 to schedule your appointment today!

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