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If you didn’t know Gesundheit is German for “God, bless you,” you know, before people became overly PC (I don’t mean personal computer), shortening it to just, “bless you.” Regardless, we’re talking about seasonal allergies this week — get it?!

We were BLESSED with a mild winter this year compliments of El Nino that was followed up by a fluctuating March/April. Now that Star Wars Day and Cinco De Mayo are behind us, it looks like we are in store for more blue skies, fresh cut grass, birds chirpin’, and allergies!

I found an interesting article about the connection between allergies and your overall microbe (bacteria) health, not just gut microbe (good bacteria — think probiotics) health.

“Every mucosal surface on your body is colonized by a distinct group of microbes, including your gut, lungs, and nasal passages. Far from causing harm, these microbes “teach” your immune system to tolerate dietary proteins and other harmless allergens in the environment.”

To keep things as simple as possible, I will summarize what to take from the article as it’s a somewhat hefty scientific read.