Friday Findings: Money Back Guarantee!

From Thigh Master to Shake Weight, do I really need to comment on the ridiculousness of “As Seen On T.V.” fitness fads!? With Christmas around the corner and no change in sight regarding our insatiable drive to do the least amount of work humanly possible to lose weight and look better, the products continue to pump out faster than an 8-min Ab sessions. What’s, even more, cockamamie is this junk is STILL selling. If you need to recall with a blast from the past, click here.

Shark Tank’s Lori Granier recently released a new fitness gadget that’s not completely ridiculous but nonetheless unnecessary recreation of old junk. From the business side, it makes complete sense: simple, one-piece construction, cheap to manufacture, portable, easy-to-use ship and use, and; ultimately, it tugs on the emotional strings just in time for the New Year resolutions!

Not only to you tone your face, but you acquire inadvertent neck and jaw pain! Yes, this was for real.

If a contraption is something that will motivate a sedentary person to move more, then I love it. However, like most fitness fads, the sparkly new toy, and motivation to look better in a bathing suit just in time for the summer weans quickly over a span of weeks. Regarding the board, you can do the same damn thing on your by doing some twisty jumping jacks! I confidently foresee many of these core balance boards becoming better dust collectors than fat melters.

So what’s the magic recipe!? Simple: quit being lazy and move your friggin’ body! I don’t mean to specifically go to the gym (yes, that’s still good), rather frequently move your body throughout the day as there are myriad benefits, something I wrote about earlier this year. You can achieve the same if not better results by simply being more active!

To the weekend,

Dr. RJ Burr