Oats & Arts

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Oats & Arts

Art in the Park is this weekend here in Plymouth, and it’s a big deal to the community. I took a jaunt through it quickly yesterday evening before the big storm, and it’s getting my decorative juices flowing. There’s not much juice there, but hey, something’s flowing. I’m thinking of a tasteful memorandum of Detroit sports.

Regarding the storm, it was nasty. I know there are some trees down, but I hope that everyone is okay, and there is minimal damage. The vendor’s heart and soul goes into their work and it’s their livelihood.

With summer festivals come festival food and drinks. You have to eat and have to stay hydrated. Who doesn’t love a good elephant ear or frozen sugar bomb?

Though, there are some healthy(er) options (don’t worry, I scoped the area for you, remember?) it reminded me of how important it is to start the festivities with a good night’s rest and a killer breakfast — sets the tone for your entire day.