Understanding Post-Surgery Back Pain

If you recently underwent back surgery and still endure pain after the operation, it’s understandable that you’d feel frustrated or even a little perplexed. However, even with a successful full recovery, some measure of post-surgery back pain persists for more patients than you might imagine.

Your lack of mobility and rest during recovery may also exacerbate this back pain, leaving you more physically encumbered than before. Thankfully, if you’re struggling with post-surgery back pain, chiropractic treatment offers an excellent jumpstart on the path to recovery with improved flexibility, range of motion, strength, and mobility.

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The Role of Chiropractic Care in Post-Surgery Back Pain Recovery

Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive solution for back pain. With the right combination of treatments, this therapy can completely revitalize your quality of life by decreasing pain and improving mobility. Depending on the type of surgery and where you are in the recovery process, these practices can also accelerate natural healing while alleviating pain.

How can chiropractors decrease your back pain during movement? Primarily, these medical professionals use musculoskeletal adjustments, spinal manipulations, and strengthening exercises to improve body alignment and reduce nerve stress.

Chiropractors also work with you to understand the cause of your post-surgery back pain. Once your care provider understands how your back pain responds, a comprehensive chiropractic plan can target problem areas.

Improving Pain Relief with Chiropractic Care

After surgery, you might notice more back during everyday movements. In most cases, muscle damage from surgery and recovery increases postoperative pain. Still, experiencing back pain that moves around could help your chiropractic team identify issues with the muscles and supporting structures of your back rather than your spine.

It may seem strange that spinal adjustments could improve pain, but chiropractic care utilizes musculoskeletal adjustments to relax the muscles surrounding your joints and bones. As nerve irritation decreases, your body relaxes. Then, a healthier alignment allows you to restrengthen your back muscles.

Your chiropractor may also prescribe stretches or exercises to conduct at home when you feel your back pain flare up, which can significantly improve your healing process.

Enhancing Mobility and Strength through Chiropractic Care

Because the source of back pain frequently comes from surrounding muscles rather than joint issues, enhancing your mobility and strength through chiropractic care proves essential to a full recovery.

During sessions, your chiropractor will perform strengthening exercises to increase your range of motion and mobility. As you regain strength and increase flexibility in your back, you’ll likely notice your pain improving. Improved flexibility also helps you avoid aggravating your back pain in the future.

In many cases, chiropractors may graft additional rehabilitative therapies into your personalized treatment plan. For instance, physical therapy, acupuncture, and deep tissue massage can augment chiropractic care to accelerate your progress. Many of these therapies also target nerve pressure to reduce post-surgery back pain.

Personalized Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Ultimately, when you experience back pain, your body is sending you a signal to adjust your physical behavior. However, everyone’s road to recovery and necessary physical changes will differ.

That’s why professionals like REACH Rehab + Chiropractic will use diagnostic treatments to create a personalized treatment plan for your rehabilitation. These plans will likely include a combination of rehabilitative treatments, lifestyle changes, and exercises. Recommendations also evolve to accommodate your progress, with personalized care and a natural treatment approach accelerating healing, improving mobility, and decreasing pain.

If you’re in Southeast Michigan, REACH Rehab + Chiropractic serves as a top-rated physical rehabilitation center. These local professionals offer a range of high-quality chiropractic services, such as tissue therapies, spinal adjustments, and therapeutic exercises.

Reclaim Your Lifestyle with Chiropractic Care at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic

Understanding the benefits of using chiropractic care for back pain demonstrates how these treatments can transform your postoperative pain. From improving flexibility for long-term recovery to establishing important lifestyle changes, rehabilitative treatments can holistically improve your pain levels and, subsequently, your quality of life. Plus, combining the treatment with additional strategies can significantly shorten your recovery duration.

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