Eat This Not That

I hope all of you CrossFit enthusiasts are enjoying The Open and found last Friday’s finding valuable. If you’re participating in Open workouts, make sure to check out my Mo-Stability WOD video for 16.2 movement prep.

This week we’ll hop back on the food and nutrition train, which always seems to be of interest to most people. I’m thinking every other week I’ll make sure to find good stuff regarding food, diet, nutrition, etc.

Today’s finding is The Dirty Dozen — no, not the 60’s flick about a military officer assigned to train a bunch of convicts to seek out and kill Nazis but the conventional (non-organic) fruits and vegetable you want to avoid due to long-term health concerns.

You may be in the mindset where you think buying organic is just a marketing scheme, and I understand why i.e. “organic” processed foods. When is comes to REAL organic food, it’s worth the hype.