Fix Your Own Neck and Shoulder Pain

Do you ever get that “crick” in the neck, nagging ache in your trap, or pain in the shoulder blade? These are a few of the descriptions of neck and shoulder pain we hear regularly.

Interestingly, the common neck and shoulder pain are not always complicated. And our clients are often surprised how they can “fix” themselves with simple movement(s).

We’ve put out a lot of video content lately and plan on keeping the train rolling. Organically, one of our neck exercise posts turned into a three-parter, so we thought we would share all in one spot — a blog post!

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Lastly, the classic public advisory legal disclaimer stuff: the information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. Please, consult your doctor first before starting and exercise program, especially if you have any health concerns or complications.

Fix Your Neck and Shoulder Pain — Step 1

Move your spine: cervical retraction

Fix Your Neck and Shoulder Pain — Step 2

Move your spine: cervical retraction + extension

Fix Your Neck and Shoulder Pain — Step 3

Why your neck or shoulder hurts in the first place

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