Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!

Happy Friday and belated St. Patrick’s day! I hope everyone that borderline excessively celebrated SPD had a not-so-dreadful morning.

It’s my son, Charlie’s first birthday today (that’s him in his daycare project to the right) and like any birthday, he’s going to get a cake. Now because we are a health conscious family with a child that has yet to consume processed sugar, grain, or vegetable oil, the last thing we want to do is bombard the little dude’s body with foreign synthetic substances requiring a load of damage control.

Our friend and Physician, Dr. Aschmetat, recommended this book as a guide to Charlie’s nutrition. It is an incredibly insightful resource backed by common sense, ancestral wisdom, and sound science. Not to mention, it contains a boatload of practical recipes, both modern and traditional.