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The Ski’s Knees

By March 11, 2016 No Comments
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I’m out on a bachelor party ski trip this weekend in Northern Michigan (yes, there is snow on the slopes), and as a movement/biomechanics nerd, I thought about what effective-skiing demands from the body and what injuries would result with insufficiency.

Of course, there are freak accidents like fracturing your arm from catching a nasty edge or pulling a Michael Kennedy. It’s probably not the best idea to blend any other sport with downhill skiing — just a thought.

Far and beyond, the most common injuries in skiing are knee injuries, which makes sense.

The knee is a hinge joint (think door hinge) that mostly goes forward and back with a little side-to-side and twisting motions. These movements in excess are prevented by ligaments, such as the ACL, but ultimately controlled by your muscles.



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