Understanding a Headache at the Base of the Skull

Headaches are, unfortunately, a common occurrence, affecting 50 to 75% of people in 2022, according to the World Health Organization. Headaches can occur in different parts of your head, but the headache at the base of the skull and neck can be especially debilitating.

A headache at the base of the skull, tension headaches, or cervicogenic headaches can happen for various reasons, and they can often make it difficult to complete routine tasks due to persistent discomfort. At REACH Rehab + Chiropractic, we understand the unique challenges this type of headache can bring. If you’re ready to investigate the cause of your pain and get back to life without headaches, our professional team can help diagnose these headaches and provide effective treatment plans.

Primary vs. Secondary Headaches

Knowing how to find relief from headaches starts with understanding the type of headache you have.

Primary headaches result from irritation of physical structures in and around your head rather than underlying conditions. Common types of primary headaches include migraines, tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, cluster headaches, and hypnic headaches. Though they can affect your quality of life and be difficult to manage, primary headaches are more of a nuisance than dangerous, typically resulting from inflamed muscles, nerves, or blood vessels.

On the other hand, secondary headaches are the result of an underlying condition or disease, making them much more serious than primary headaches. Conditions that cause secondary headaches can include:

  • Neck or head injuries
  • Dehydration
  • Brain aneurysms
  • Tumors in the brain

At REACH Rehab + Chiropractic, we can help you distinguish the two types of headaches and figure out which is causing your discomfort. Based on our evaluation, we can personally help you find pain relief or refer you to the proper specialist.

Tension Headaches or Cervicogenic Headaches | A Common Culprit

Tension headaches, also known as cervicogenic headaches,  are one of the most common reasons for having a headache at the base of the skull. They occur when your body experiences stress, poor posture, or certain repetitive activities. A tension head often starts in your neck and shoulders and then makes its way up to your head, more specifically, the base of your skull.

Unfortunately, many things can trigger a tension headache at the base of your neck, including:

  • Stress from work, relationships, or other areas of your life
  • Clenching your jaw
  • Teeth grinding
  • Sitting or working from a computer for long hours

By fully understanding these different causes, we can help you find relief with holistic, practical solutions.

Home Remedies for Relief

You have multiple ways to treat tension headaches. For instance, if you work in front of a computer all day, reorganizing your desk by putting your computer screen up at a higher level can help you lean less, putting less strain on your neck and back. Along those lines, maintaining good posture is essential for preventing tension headaches.

You should also keep up with your doctor appointments. Visiting a dentist to see if you need a bite splint can help if you frequently grind your teeth or clench your jaw. At REACH Rehab + Chiropractic, we also help with jaw and TMJ pain. Meanwhile, an eye doctor can help if you experience headaches from eye strain or vision troubles.

When to Seek Professional Help

Not all headaches warrant a trip to the doctor, but if they’re frequent or severe, you need to consult your physician. Additionally, you should consult your physician if your headaches accompany other neurological issues, like memory loss.

Treating neck pain or headaches that are especially severe is crucial to prevent your symptoms from worsening and to rule out possible underlying conditions. At REACH Rehab & Chiropractic, our professional team is always ready to provide the urgent attention you need to find relief from headaches or refer you to the proper specialist.

REACH Rehab + Chiropractic | Your Partner in Pain Relief

To help you treat headaches at the base of your skull, we’ll craft a treatment plan just for you. Our team of chiropractors and massage therapists has experience helping patients from all walks of life address their headaches and find much-needed relief by diagnosing underlying conditions and headache causes. We’ll work closely with you to customize holistic treatments that address the cause of your pain and help you find the relief you deserve.

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Understanding the type of headache you have is essential for finding effective treatment, and our team can help.

We take the time to understand your concerns and consider all possible causes to ensure we correctly diagnose your headache. Contact REACH Rehab + Chiropractic today for a consultation to find pain relief from your headache at the base of your skull.

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