What would life be like if you could move better? Learn how Rolfing in Michigan and massage therapy in Plymouth, MI can help you live a better, more active lifestyle.

Movement ≠ Exercise

Movement is the basis of exercise. Every gesture in our body from heartbeats and breathing to the way that we scratch our noses, bend our knees, or extend our arms is “movement.” Movement is the most subtle level of action in our bodies.

Exercise is how we apply and engage basic movements to increase or improve health and fitness.

Healthy Movements Are Key to a Healthy Life

We are fluid creatures; we are made from cells that are constantly in motion. Oxygen enters our lungs and our heart pulsates blood through our bodies. Amazingly, even cells in the densest part of our bones are made of space and fluid that have motion. Furthermore, the way we move our joints and muscles encourages normal physiological (biological) processes in the body, yielding overall health and wellness.

As a result, profound effects ripple through our bodies because we’re combining these simple movements.

Noteworthy, walking does more than just get us around and burn calories. The movement of your feet and ankles helps to push blood back up toward your heart because it’s an action it can’t do alone.

Movements start as simple as rubbing your face and as complex as a yoga pose. Movements naturally become an ingrained habit that often feels difficult to change or even recognize.

For example, I bet you’re sitting with slightly more weight on one butt cheek than the other.

(Did you just check? Do you have more weight on the right?)

Movement is necessary for optimal health because when movement becomes restricted or painful we learn to work around that discomfort with little thought. For that reason, if you stub your toe you don’t have to think about how to walk differently, your brain just does that for you!

Over time, the way that we execute simple movement can become altered; however, healthy movement isn’t as simple as chiropractic joint alignment, massage therapy for soft tissue health, or trying to change habits. Everything about us can impact what we feel and how we coordinate movement.

Would Michigan Rolfing Help?

Rolfing® Structural Integration in Michigan suburbs of Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Livonia, and surrounding areas is a powerful form of bodywork focusing on improvement of how we move based on all influencing factors.

Benefits of Rolfing in Michigan
The Benefits of Rolfing in Michigan with the registered image of the Rolf Institute

Hands-on touch influences how our brain communicates with a region of the body. Intentional slow movements allow the tissue to relax and coordinate in new ways. Understanding — through sensation — how to aid our bodies to heal itself encourages lifelong education in self-care and injury prevention.

What Does the Rolfing Process Look Like?

Over ten sessions we’ll work tip-to-toe. Poor posture, movement imbalances, and strain are often felt in one region but can be caused or exacerbated by other areas.

Body-wide tissue balance encourages you to hold your body in a healthy way, allowing strained tissue to heal and rehabilitate. Therefore, in ten sessions we will refine muscle and joint coordination allowing for easy, pain-free movement that can last a lifetime!

Easy, fluid movement reduces nerve irritation, improves exercise potential and flexibility, decreases joint deterioration, and most of all lead to a healthier, more enjoyable life!

The Best Rolfing in Michigan

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