What is Mid-back Pain?

Thoracic spine (mid-back) pain can be found anywhere between the neck and above the low back.

There are several symptoms that makeup mid-back pain. These include dull pain, muscle aches & guarding, burning sensation, sharp or stabbing pain, and pain upon inhalation (deep breath). Other common symptoms are increased stiffness between the shoulder blades and stiffness when rotating (turning) your trunk from side to side.

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What causes Mid-back Pain?

Mid-back (thoracic) pain is a common side-effect of poor static positions. Usually flexion-based positions, such as sitting or bending forward for too long. As we slouch, that puts a lot of pressure on the spinal joints, calling on our muscles and other tissues to help support them. Overworking these tissues can lead to increased tightness and aches and pains in the thoracic spine.

Sprains and strains also cause mid-back pain. A sprain occurs when ligaments are stretched or possibly torn, whereas strains are the stretching and/or tearing of the muscles and tendons. Improperly lifting heavy objects with poor form creates a lot of tension in this area of our spine, potentially causing a sprain/strain injury.

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How do I know if I have Mid-back pain?

There are many causes of back pain. So, how do you determine what Mid-back pain feels like?

Common physical symptoms of Mid-back Pain:

  • Pain between the shoulder blades.
  • Increased tension between the shoulder blades,
  • Pain (usually sharp in nature) when taking a deep breath.
  • Decreased mid-back ranges of motion (usually one side is more limited).
  • Pain and/or tightness around your ribs (“rib out” feeling).
  • Increased trapezius and rhomboid muscle tension.

Mid-back (thoracic spine)

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What can I do about Mid-back Pain?

Many conservative treatments can be used for Mid-back pain. With all mechanical (movement) pain, there’s a ‘what’ and a ‘why’ — what the problem is and why it’s occurring in the first place. To achieve resolution, it’s crucial to not only identify and correct the problem but address the behaviors which lead to its cause in the first place.

Here are some Mid-back pain self-help tips:

  • Identify what activities affect your symptoms.
    • Take mental notes of your actions (movements or postures) when your pain feels better or worse to identify any behavioral patterns.
  • Scale back your activities (only for a few weeks).
    • Modify any activities that cause your symptoms. For instance, if your pain starts after dumbbell rowing for ten reps, only perform 4-6 reps. Scale this activity back for a week, then see if you’re ready to go back up, i.e., ten reps the following week.
  • Loosen tight tissues
    • Overuse of the back muscles (Traps and Rhomboids) commonly causes tightness in the between the shoulder blades. Loosen up these muscles before activities that typically cause pain.
    • Below is a video on how to properly release your rhomboid muscles.
  • Start a stretch routine

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It is important to be properly educated on positions to avoid that may increase pain while performing stretches and strengthening exercises for the mid-back. If completing these techniques (above) does not improve your symptoms, you may need to be assessed by a Southeast Michigan Chiropractor to find the core problem and address it with a personalized treatment plan.

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