Shoulder Pain

What Is Shoulder Pain and What Causes It?
Shoulder pain is a common ailment among patients of all ages. Although it may seem like something is wrong with your shoulder, that is not always the case.

The pain is often your body’s way of calling for more movement or exercise rather than being a sign of impairment. For example, you may have mechanical pain if you find it harder to move your arm around or experience stiffness. Thankfully, patients with mechanical pain can experience relief by learning how exercise can help the pain.

There are two basic forms of shoulder pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain only lasts a few weeks and is the most common form of pain. Chronic pain will typically last for more than a few months.

The team at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic Performance Center can show you how exercise can help with the pain. Experiencing pain when moving your arm makes it difficult to perform routine tasks throughout the day. The professionals at REACH can show you the best exercises and practices to restore mobility and alleviate pain.

Get the Right Diagnosis

Getting the proper diagnosis is the first and most critical step to alleviating your pain. Once you know the cause of the discomfort, you can create a recovery plan.

There is more than one cause for shoulder pain.

rotator cuff tendonitis
adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder
bicep tendonitis

Other common causes of pain in the shoulder include overuse of the arm and instability. It is important to remember that the shoulder is a complex body part that consists of more than a single joint. Your neck, ribcage, shoulder blade, and clavicle all contribute to your shoulder’s mobility and can also be the cause of your pain.