What Does It Mean? “Your Pain Has A Cause”

The human body cannot speak for itself to tell you that your leg is broken or that you shouldn’t touch a hot surface. Instead, your body reacts to stimuli by sending signals through your neurons to tell your brain that something is hurting your body.

That stimulus can be a hot pan touched with a bare hand or the sharp throb of a pulled muscle during exercise. Even stress and illness can trigger these responses. You might get headaches when you’re behind on work or feel body aches during a bout of the flu.

Your pain has a cause. It exists to inform us that something is wrong with our bodies.

Many of us react to pain in different ways. Some people seek treatment, and others choose to ignore it until it goes away or gets worse. Regardless of an individual’s decision to seek treatment, their body is indicating to them that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Pain is a complex mechanism in the human body that alerts us to problems like injury, illness, stress, or fatigue. It comes in different forms and can affect different areas of the body, but no matter the cause, it affects your brain the same way.

At REACH Rehab + Chiropractic, our holistic approach to diagnosing takes the guesswork out of healing to treat the problem at the source.

Not All Pain Is The Same

For some, pain exists only in the event of an injury or illness, while others experience what is called chronic pain.