The Ski’s Knees

Knee pain treatment in Plymouth - REACH Chiropractic care

I’m out on a bachelor party ski trip this weekend in Northern Michigan (yes, there is snow on the slopes), and as a movement/biomechanics nerd, I thought about what effective-skiing…

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Eat This Not That

health Tips - Plymouth Chiropractors

I hope all of you CrossFit enthusiasts are enjoying The Open and found last Friday’s finding valuable. If you’re participating in Open workouts, make sure to check out my Mo-Stability WOD video for…

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Butcher Box

As I was sifting through all the crap email, spam, and the African king that will pay me six figures to help him wire some money, I came across one…

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Standing Desks

Standing desks are all the rage now, and for good reason. The most common injury/complaint that I see walk into my office on a daily basis is the “flexion-intolerant low…

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